Lagos State Residents Registration Agency,LASRRA

The Lagos State Residents Agency was established in 2011 by an enactment (LASRRA Law No. 21 of June), by which it was fully empowered to operate a residents database and identification card programme for Lagos State.

The bill was actually passed and signed into law on the 27th of June 2011. This established the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA).

LASRRA commenced its operation in 2012 with the following functions:
1.Creating a reliable database of all residents in Lagos State with view to:
2.Providing useful information for social welfare, political, security, business, employment, financial activities, housing and demography statistics;
3.Facilitating unified planning and implementation of development projects
4.Establish relevant infrastructure for the creation of residents’ information database for every resident of the State with view to:
5.Producing residency cards
6.Ensuring easy identification of residents
•Generating health statistics in the State
1.Verifying compliance with relevant laws and regulations
2.Providing reliable information for making policy planning implementation.
1.Produce guidelines for data to be contained in the registration form; and
2.Advise the government on mode of collecting data from the public.
•General Manager’s Office
•Administration/Human Resources
•Information Management & Data Processing
•Internal Audit Unit
•Legal Unit
•Planning/Budget Unit
•Public Affairs Unit
•Procurement Unit